Circle and star to outline dispatch story. It means that Dispatch brings small creators and the world together.

Our values

Because we care.

We're not your average world market - we're better.

Why? Simple, because we care. We care about small businesses. We care about the people and the families of the people who rely on those small businesses. We care about the environment. We care about equality. We care about the world. In fewer words, we care about a lot and we hope you do too. Learn more about each of the values we keep top of mind when sourcing our rare goods below.

Dispatch Values...

Supporting Small

Small businesses are the backbone to nations worldwide. We love working with small businesses to introduce new products to the marketplace.

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Women Owned

We support the statement: women support women. Our woman co-founder is out to try and even the playing field by specially sourcing women-owned businesses.

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Our commitment to sustainability can be seen through all aspects of our business. You can recycle 100% of Dispatch packaging, including the tape.

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In a mass-produced world, handmade goods mean so much. These specialty products include: untold stories, culture, passion, love, legacy, heritage, and more.

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Rare Goods

We define rare goods as goods that are not mass produced, meaning they are probably not on Amazon and other large scale resellers. Rare goods are unique.

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We're here to promote community over competition. We're here to learn from one another. We're here to support one another. Want to join us?

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Are you a business that fits one or more of these values?

Reach out. We would love to connect to see how we can work together.