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Our story

We've always yearned to experience more, but we've learned that some of the best experiences are not always nearby. Sometimes not even in the same state or country - which is where Dispatch was born. The benefits of experiencing another culture have no limit and are, truly, priceless. A deep appreciation for sharing, learning, and experiencing is what brought us to create this world store. Our goal is to make regional and international goods available and easily accessible, while fostering sustainability and supporting small.

Experience more, worry less

We are committed to sourcing the finest products from around the world and providing the best customer service while doing it. You can't get this level of VIP service at US Customs and Border Patrol, we've tried. Don't worry about huge international shipping and importation fees, we've got that covered.

Take the guesswork out of your product's orgin

Ever wonder where your products really come from? Us too. That's why we curate the finest goods that come from actual people, not huge plants that over manufacture, don't take care of their employees and don't take the environment into consideration. You can find where your products were made and who made them on each product page. We are proud to support small businesses around the world. Learn more about our sourcing values here.