modern beauty routine that combines high quality products with mindful podcasts

Go Beyond Your Traditional Skincare Routine with YA.BE Beauty Products and Co-founder Valeria Scargetta

Meet YA.BE, short for (y)ou (a)re (be)autiful. YA.BE is an Italian beauty brand that is breaking traditional skincare, beauty, and wellness molds. They go beyond the products and the sale by offering a modern, 100% natural beauty routine that combines high quality products with mindful podcasts to take you on an audio journey, so everyone can be, and feel, their most beautiful self, from the inside out. Join us as we hear from YA.BE co-founder Valeria Scargetta.

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Women empowerment meets beauty

What is beauty?

The faces of YA.BE: a beauty dream team

We don't use the dirty F word

Clean beauty formulas that are 100% natural, vegan, allergy free 

Breaking into the beauty and wellness space

The YA.BE podcast difference

Valeria's skincare routine

A mindful skincare routine for beginners

Women empowerment meets beauty

So myself, I come from a managerial career and I've been working the scene now for 10-15 years on women empowerment. At the same time, for personal purposes, on my personal development, self awareness, self empowerment. I started the model 13-14 years ago with the NLP (neuro programming language). I did so many things, some even a little bit strange. Maybe a little bit less strange for U.S. citizens. For example, I did the settling courses. I did the remote viewing courses. You know that kind of stuff on how to use the power of your brain. On the other hand, I was working on women empowerment. I embarked and am a member of foundations and associations of women. At a certain point of my life, I did realize that you know, at least for a woman, and I am a woman, you cannot be empowered unless you feel the beauty that you have inside.

YA.BE natural body care

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What is beauty?

The real step, the the real game changer is when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel beautiful. You do not look beautiful, rather you feel beautiful. This is the real difference.  So I started thinking of how to create a beauty product that could be able to change and rewrite the definition of beauty. What is beauty? Beauty is empowerment and empowerment is beauty. I had these ideas in mind and then I met Margarita. 

Beauty and wellness founders: meet the team

 The four faces of YA.BE Valeria, Margherita, Consuelo, and Gloriana.


The faces of YA.BE: a beauty dream team

The founders are just me and Margherita, and we currently are the two shareholders of the company. Consuelo and Gloriana are in, let me say, the base team. They are the other pillars of this team and of this company. We come together in couples in the sense that Margherita was in touch with Gloriana and I was in touch with with Consuelo, who is the psychotherapist.

Margherita and I were in touch, but we didn't know each other well. By chance, Margherita was starting from a different perspective, which was more on the outer beauty, on the physical part. She was starting a network and she was doing events on how to live at the best in our body, on how to feel comfortable in our body. I talked to her about my project and we put together the team because Margherita was in touch with Gloriana.

Gloriana was one of the first cosmetologist, in Italy at least, that worked on oncology esthetics since 1994. She's a very good cosmetologist who works with all kinds of skins.

I brought Consuelo on the team, who was my coach/counselor. She's a psychologist and psychotherapist. She's been working for many years, as well, on women empowerment and major topics of a woman, so marriage and children. And that’s how we set up this dream team.


We don’t use the dirty F word

There are two words we never use and one is feminist. I would use it every moment, but I know how it is perceived. You know that Dior made the feminist campaign a few years ago to try to, again, change the perception and to disrupt the cultural heritage.

The other word we never use is meditation, because our podcast can be assimilated to meditations somehow, but there is a big difference, which is that we created a podcast that has no religious content, has no cultural references and has no gender references, except for the ones which are specifically made for women. This is very much important for me, because meditation is not negatively perceived, but it is considered a religious practice. It's very much linked to Buddhism and, generally speaking, to eastern cultures.


YA.BE natural body care

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Clean beauty formulas that are 100% natural, vegan, allergy free 

The formulation of our products was made by our cosmetologist Gloriana. She took special care of formulating products which are suitable for any kind of skin. And as I mentioned before, she has extensive experience in delicate skin and sensitive skin, so we put the formulation of the products in her hands. Honestly, I think that she did really a very good job. Then we scouted and searched for a manufacturer that was already well known for natural cosmetics. The manufacturer we have is on the market for 30 years and only produces natural cosmetics since 10 years ago.We selected together, with our cosmetologist, the most highly purified ingredients. Because you know that there are different levels of quality, of course. We work with the highest quality and highest level of purity. We made the choice of staying away from allergens. This is a very courageous choice. It's very brave because it is very, very difficult in cosmetics is not to use allergens. Because you know that all essential oils contain allergens. So we have some constraints on the ingredients we can use, so this was a significant component of our selection of raw materials. 


Breaking into the beauty and wellness space

I use the word respectful, when I talk about beauty. YA.BE is mindful beauty, but more than mindful really I would say respectful, because we respect religion, we respect opinion, we expect culture, we respect your skin, we respect your kind of skin and we also respect your age. In this regard, I would like to underline something that may be not so clear yet. We are working on the communication of this concept, which is the way we named our base skin care line. We named our face creams and serums Y, YY, and YYY. Y is raising beauty, YY is simply beauty, and YYY is forever beauty. This is to mean that you are who you are. I think that we are really a respectful brand. I think that the reason why why you should choose YA.BE is that you are not really buying a product, but an experience for yourself. Something that can turn a light on in your life. This is what we want to do, we want to turn on lights, then you can decide whether to follow the light or not and how to follow it. When you have a light in the dark, some of us see certain details, some others see other details, different details. It depends on where our eyes are looking at in that moment. 

YA.BE natural body care

Every YA.BE product comes with a podcast. 


The YA.BE podcast difference

The podcasts that you find on the market, personal awareness and personal development, are mainly intended to promote the coach, the the person who has realized and deployed it. Their main purpose, is to talk about a topic and to make you enter in a process of getting in touch with them. In our podcast, we are not selling Valeria or Margherita, but we are selling YA.BE which is an entity. It's not a person. Our podcast has the content you would get paying lots of money going to the courses of coaches. This is the reason why I ask please give me your feedback once you listen to the podcast, because it's not just talking about how good it would be to take time doing this and that using that and this techniques, etc. No, I I guide you I take you hand in hand and I bring you in a journey that you experience and live. What we say is that we want to democratize personal awareness. One of the purposes of this brand is to give everyone access to content that are usually only available to people who have lots of money to spend and time to spend to go around the world, like I’ve been doing for the last 13-14 years, to attend the trainings of these coaches and gurus. This is the real difference is in the content. If you listen to this podcast several times, you do not realize it is the same, because it really touches your intimately. It’s different every time, because you are different every time. Every time you listen to it, you are in a different condition. So the the impact and the effect of this podcast is different. We have feedback from some of our customers and most of them actually, even people that have never practiced any kind of yoga or meditation say that they miss it. And this is exactly what we wanted to do. 


Valeria’s skincare routine

I wash my face only with water, honestly, and I sometimes use our cleansing milk. I use a face serum and a face cream night and day. Of course, I used YYY, why? Because I'm 46. 

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A mindful skin care routine for beginners

Everyone deserves to feel the beauty inside. It’s like the flowers with petals numb. You know when a flower blooms, it shows the petals which are hidden. The same is for our beauty. So I would say that really everyone should try this kind of product because really everyone deserves, you deserve, to feel beautiful.


Have questions about YA.BE or YA.BE beauty products? Drop us a line. We would be more than happy to assist! Stay beautiful!


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