Sustainability For Our Generation.

Sustainability For Our Generation.

Sustainability is in. Being in the know about sustainability could help you achieve the woodsy aesthetic of Taylor Swift’s twin album’s Folklore and Evermore. Maybe you want to get more positive tarot readings on your TikTok FYP by becoming more environmentally conscious. No matter the cause, sustainability is achieved not only by lifestyle choices but active involvement in what we consume. Consider buying from smaller businesses who ethically source items. Not only items, but packaging. Dispatch NYC packages with 100% recyclable material down to the tape that holds your self care necessities. Being environmentally conscious can be luxurious. After a long week of hearing “You’re not sharing your screen” and “Can you turn your mic on?” from Zoom meetings we all need a break. 

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Feed your soul with our Goodbye Stress Weekend Retreat. This kit includes body wash, body oil and 2 mindfulness podcasts. Sustainability starts with you. Your body carries you through the day, Treat yourself to a relaxing bath free of parabens, silicones, and chemical antioxidants with the YABE Goodbye Stress Body Wash. Switching to self care products that do not interfere with your natural microbiome also helps the Earth. We also won’t judge if after our 2 podcasts included you want to stay in the bath longer. After the Goodbye Stress Weekend Retreat, self care seems less like a chore. You may stay in the bath far past the first few “You’ve been scrolling for way too long!” check points on TikTok.

Every step towards a smaller carbon footprint matters. We all have limited time in our days. If you’ve switched from plastic one use water bottles to a now reusable water bottle (that you may be emotionally too dependent on) you’re doing your part. Buying a new reusable water bottle can be fun! It will also motivate you to be more conscious of your water consumption. Leading to not only being conscious of the environment, your sustainability measures will extend to your body as well. 

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Carrying a tote around is in. Limiting your consumption of mass produced items is a step in the right direction. You will be inclined to lessen your shopping load if you have finite space to take home. In turn this will reduce your use of single use plastic shopping bags as well. Carrying around a tote is kind of mysterious. No one knows if you have a laptop and a nutritionally balanced lunch inside or a Three Musketeers bar and your ID. 

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There are many sustainable utensils on the market. From, Bamboo, to stainless steel there is an option for any aesthetic. Many fold down to fit in an everyday bag. If you’re trying to make your footprint smaller and also limit germs and allergens in your daily routine, starting with reusable utensils that you take care of is a way to go. Reusable straws add a layer of luxury to everyday. Drinking water or wine from a glass straw can really make you feel like a main character. 

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Buying in bulk is not always wasteful. Consider a wholesale club membership. Buying larger volumes of everyday items in one bottle even if its plastic lessens the amount of packaging you're consuming over time. The less you run out of items, the less you have to get in your car and reup on them, limiting your carbon footprint further by decreasing fuel emissions. 

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Sometimes we cannot change our lives entirely and convenience is essential to our life. But sustainability measures are not  limited to buying products. It is about changing your outlook on consumption and using what you already have in a more mindful manner. Limiting your mass produced item consumption, shopping from small businesses that sell ethically sourced batch made quantities of products is a win for everyone.

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Here is a list of some of our favorite environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products.


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