Our world is more connected now than ever. We are constantly being updated with new information. Some days we transition from working on a laptop, to driving home, and then spending hours scrolling on Tiktok. (Guilty) Screen fatigue is real. Allowing yourself to become overstimulated for long periods of time can create major burn out. Let's talk about some self care essentials to ensure your battery is fully charged.

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Establish a consistent skincare routine.

Establishing a skincare routine for day and night can ensure you have set aside time to care for yourself. This routine does not have to take longer than you wish. However it can also take as long as you need. No matter your skin needs ensuring you have time to reconnect with yourself is a must to avoid burnout.

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A skincare ESSENTIAL for any skin type is, the GALLINÉE Probiotic Youth Serum. Highly concentrated in actives, Gallinée Youthful Serum helps stimulate cell renewal, thanks to a cocktail of innovative prebiotics and lactic acid. The prebiotics help to provide an immediate lifting effect and the lactic acid improves radiance. After just a few uses, your complexion will appear brighter and the skin texture improved. Following regular incorporation into your anti-ageing skincare routine, you'll notice a clear reduction in the appearance of signs of ageing. The probiotic serum also helps to support your skin microbiome for skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and infinitely soft.

GALLINÉE Probiotic Youth Serum

Know how your brain operates.

Our brain have many reactions to our daily behaviors. Been avoiding laundry? Create a checklist and then start the laundry. When you incentivize getting to check an item off of your list you create motivation even for the least fabulous tasks. Our brain loves being rewarded, after feeling like we have completed a task our brain releases dopamine. Completing tasks is self care for you now and later.


 Take time to know your needs.

What do you need to live your best life? Do you need a daily Starbucks trip? Do you need clear skin? Do you need 1 hour of complete alone time (or more)? Knowing your needs is important to taking care of yourself. 

Reset your skin with the cult favorite, Gallinée Face Vinegar. 

The Face Vinegar contains Actibiome, a novel prebiotic that works to calm stressed skin and prevent it from further irritations alongside gentle postbiotic acids that allow the skin’s beneficial bacteria to flourish.

Prebiotic Face Vinegar

How are you living for peace today?

Prioritizing peace, over pleasure is hard. It is easy to stay up late and binge the new season of Love is Blind. But will yourself tomorrow benefit from that when you have to be at work by 9? Things that are instantly satisfying are rewarding...temporarily. Working towards selfcare that is rewarding long term is key to establishing a efficient and long lasting self care routine.

Prepare for who you want to be tomorrow.  

Prep some breakfast to ensure you eat in the morning and also eat something thought out prior to the run out the door. Prep overnight oats! Here is a great recipe for, Simple Blueberry Overnight Oats.

blueberry overnight oats

At the end of the day, self care is sacred. 

No one can tell you exactly what to do to best take care of YOU. Take the journey with yourself for yourself. This can look different for everyone. But taking time for yourself to meet your own needs is essential. Be gentle with yourself, you only have one you. 




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